Vaquita nails

Hello beauties !!
Today I want to show you a very easy and original manicure that I made last weekend and with which I am very happy because the result is very funny, I'm talking about a manicure in the form of vaquita ​​b>. (MUUUUUUUUUUUU)
In case you want to make this manicure easy at home I bring you one step by step, although let's tell you that it is the easiest manicures that you will see and also with a result molón.
To do it we need, a base of nails, a white enamel, another black and otrorosa.
1. First thing we do is give a layer with the base of nails, so they do not get yellow.
2. Next we paint the nails in white. Surely with only one layer it will not be enough, so we wait until it is completely dry and then apply another layer of enamel of the same color.
3 When our white nails are completely dry, we are going to paint two little phantoms that will make eyes of the cow . You can help with a toothpick to make it look better, or with a finite brush.
4. Now we are going to draw a semicircle in the front part of the pink nail that is the mouth of the cow.
5. We will put uniform spots, do not need to be all the same, cows are not always the same, it is more difficult to see any with the same stains.
6. Let's paint two black dots that will make nose.
7. Finally we will apply a top coat layer so that our cow manicure lasts longer.
This manicure is ideal for both older and younger people. the small ones of the house, if you do this manicure with small insecure that are enchanted with your nails so original.
What do you think this easy manicure ? Did you like the result?
Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger.