Top 3 Lip protectors

Hello girls!
Today I'm going to tell you about my top 3 in lip protectors which are the ones I'm using now, since they are also all cheap cosmetics and we can get them very easily:
lip protectors

At number 3 we have the lip balm called play care : You can find it in any bazaar is 4 g and its duration is 12 months.
The truth is that it is nothing special, moisturizes the lips but does not do much, even if you want a little one this is not bad, its price is € 1.
lip balm play care
The next lip balm I bought it in mercadona I do not remember the price very well but I think it was € 2. It is 4 g and has a duration of 12 months. This lip balm promises to moisturize, nourish and protect the lips of the sun and the cold, I attest to that!
It has FPS15 which is something I like a lot, but there's something I do not like at all, it's like it has hard little points and they hurt my lips a bit, when I pick them up fingers are not great but on the lips I think they are stones!
lip balm
And finally in the TOP 1 I want to tell you about the apivita lip balm undoubtedly for me the best, I discovered it thanks to the December beauty box, it hydrates, protects, has SPF 15 and an odor that I love.
Something that I also like a lot about this apivita lip balm is that it has color hardly noticeable, but the lips are very sexy. Its size is 4.4 g and the price is 4.95 €, that is, although it is the most expensive of the 3, it is still a product of cheap cosmetics .
 apivit lip balm

Undoubtedly the best one is the labial protector of apivita. Did you know these lip protectors?

Author: Melyssa PG, blogger of beauty and cosmetics.