Paint nails step by step easy to eat coconut

Hello Beauties !
Today I want to show you an easy manicure to do at home step step, it's about the manicure in the form of eat coconuts .
The video game that we have all played at some point in our life and which is a bit addictive, and that is a bit silly, at least to me as a child I loved it. I had a vice!
To make the manicure in the form of a comic we need:
- A protective base of nails.
- White enamel.
- Black enamel.
- Red enamel.
- Orange enamel.
- Blue enamel.
- Pink enamel.
- Yellow enamel.
- Utensil to make circles or have a good pulse.

How to do the manicure of the coconuts.

1. The first step to make this easy manicure , much easier, is to paint a nail of each color, this can not be easier.
If you are one of those who dirty the edges of the nails, put a little cocoa on the edges, when the enamel is completely dry, wash the hands and the remains easily disappear.
2. To continue with our manicure, now you will have to paint on the nails a large white dots that will be the eyes of our drawings.
3. In the third step we painted small black spots to one side as if looking sideways, in the white points that we have painted previously.
4. At the end of the nail we painted like a few small black teeth.
And finally on the finger thumb we draw a semicircle with a mouth triangle. We add a black dot as if it were an eye and voila, we have our manicure from the coconuts.
The truth is that it looks much better than you can see it in a photo but my camera is a "potato", do you like the manicure of the coconuts? Do you like easy manicures ?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger