Opinion on Adolfo Dominguez cream "Unica" a horror

Hello Beauties !

Today I make a different entry, I wanted to tell you about feminine cosmetics the Adolfo Dominguez cream >, what they say about it when you are going to buy it is this:
Moisturizing cream with color, dark tone. Daily cream with Pro-Collagen action that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and enhances the mechanisms of repair of the extracellular matrix to achieve a restructured, revitalized and redensified skin.

The cream of Aldofo Dominguez supposedly remodels the skin's profile. facial oval thanks to its toning and firming action. With sun protection factor 20 to prevent photo-aging and skin blemishes. Repairs, remodels, revitalizes, regenerates and redensifies your facial oval. Recommended for mature skin.

This cream is 3 in 1, nourishing, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.

My opinion about Adolfo Dominguez's unique cream:

It is a cream that because of the container it comes in is always very cold, this in summer is appreciated but in winter ... it is not the same, my face is frozen.

It has a texture that I feel a little bit like I'm getting mud and that texture I do not like at all. At first the results more or less I liked ... it was the same color of my skin, but when I spend a while I looked in the mirror and it looked like King Baltasar, I swear I get a good scare.

But the worst is not that, but when it dries if you touch yourself they start to come out like pellets if they are the same as that of the coats! haha I miss that I did not like anything at all, the only thing that I have left a little softer skin, but what it tones, reaffirms .... nothing at all or in dreams.

Let's say I'm a little bit angry, many creams I have not liked but if they cost me about 5 - 6 euros it's okay, you do not lose big money either.

However the cream "Unica" by Adolfo Dominguez cost me a whopping 22 euros, so I expected that if it worked, it is supposed to be a serious brand, I have always heard good opinions about their products, but this time they have not worked for me.

Well I lie, for the carnival, sure if it's good for me.

Have you tried the cream? Adolfo Dominguez ? Do you use feminine cosmetics ?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger