Nails painted in the shape of a converse

Hello girls !

Today I bring you an easy manicure that we can all do without any skill in the form of shoe converse and also to make it easier for you to do it, I have prepared a step by step that will be easier for you.

It is one of my tutorials from Preferred nails since the manicure converse is very original and striking , so if I advise you to choose another gray or another type of color, I chose one from H & M and it's so clear that you see white, with a more powerful one you will be much better.
To do this step by step manicure in the form of converse you will need:
- Black enamel.
- Gray enamel.
- White enamel.
- Blue enamel.
- Colored enamel pink.
- Yellow enamel.
- Small dotted pencil.
easy manicure converse

Step by step manicure sneakers converse:

1. The first step to perform this manicure, is to paint a nail of each color, that is sucked.

2. We painted front of the nail white, if it might be quite thick. We do the French manicure, if the pulse is not very good we can use specialized strips that sell anywhere like mercadona.

3. We make a small white crosses, they do not need to be very straight because then we can cover the imperfections with black dots.

4. At the tips of the crosses we make some little black dots.

5. And finally we make a black hairline as if it were the sole of the shoe in the white part where we made the French manicure.

As you can see it is a very original and striking manicure, I would like to do it.

Do you like this manicure converse ? Did you find easy manicuring ?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger