Maybelline Gloss Super Stay 24 hrs and Cream Spanish institute Aloevera sávila

Hello girls!
Today I'm going to talk about some purchases of beauty that I have made lately, in particular of a gloss and a very famous body cream, both of low cost cosmetics .

Maybelline Gloss Super Stay 24 hrs.

This gloss promises a duration of 24 hours, its size is 7 ml and its price of € 8.95.

My opinion about this gloss: the truth is that if it lasts 24 hours but I do not It makes me funny, it has a very nice color but it leaves your lips very dry !!
As you can see, it also has a white part to hydrate them, but they still remain very dry ... and the next day I have them fatal.
My score 5/10

Spanish institute cream Aloe vera sávila:

Thanks to its natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins it regenerates the cells, it is healing and tones the skin.

It's a cream that I liked so much that I bought the biggest jar I've ever found 400 ml for a price of 3.80 € and its smell is like a boil!
I've been using it for a little while but I'm doing quite well, says that when used regularly it helps to avoid wrinkles this I can not confirm, because I do not have wrinkles.
My score is 9/10
What do you think? these products low cost cosmetics ?
Author: Melyssa PG, blogger of beauty and cosmetics.