Manicure Donut Homer Simpsons

Hello girls!

Today I bring you an easy manicure inspired by my favorite television drawings, practically since I have use of memory I see The Simpsons . It is clear that right now I only see repeated Chapters, I have learned the chapters better than the alphabet.

Especially the chapter of the puppies in which they sing Moccasins, jumping, with the skin of two mastiffs ... If you see the Simpsons, you have surely read it singing.
In this case the manicure has been inspired by the donut of Homer Simpsons, an easy and quick manicure to make them I love the greediest ones.

I always paint the 2 hands, although sometimes I do not show it to you, not because I'm left haha, but because when I'm alone it's impossible for me to do the photo at 2 hands, and I do not always have someone who can do it to me.

What do you think of the manicure in the form of a donut by Homer Simpsons? Do you like easy manicures ? Are you short nails or long nails?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty and cosmetics blogger