Magnetic enamels from kiko

Hello Beauties ! Today I bring you a small entry about a feminine cosmetic product Magnetic Nails ( magnetic nails).
What are enamels magnetic ?
These enamels are like others only have tiny metal particles that make their effect very beautiful and original thanks to a magnet.
The steps to follow with this type of nail polish are very simple and are very all right. For this type of manicure we will need a magnetic nail and a magnet. I have used the kiko nail and the mercadona magnet, I also have the kiko but I am more comfortable using the mercadona because it has a gap where I can support the nail and however those of Kiko makeup are straight and a bit more complicated to use.
The first thing is to apply 1 or 2 layers of enamel, in this case I have only given one layer, but if you give two is much better.

And the second is very easy, we bring the magnet up to the nail, we leave a minute or so, holding the pulse well and crossed out, it's perfect. Well mine is not very perfect, but yours will surely be.

Have you tried the magnetic enamels ? What do you think of this type of manicures?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger