Easy manicure in the shape of a watermelon

Hello girls!
Today I bring you an easy manicure and original , which is sure to please both small and large and is very refreshing, especially like in the summer, and if you eat more.
To make this manicure we need :
1 nail base to protect them.
1 Red enamel.
1 Green enamel.
1 Black enamel.
1 Top coat.

How to make a manicure in the shape of a watermelon :

The first thing we do is apply a base layer of nails, once we have protected it, we paint it in red color. Surely we will need more than one layer, good that or that your nail polish is great. If you need more than one layer make sure the nails are completely dry before giving them a second layer.
The second step is as simple as possible, we paint in the front of the nail with the green enamel, as if we were doing the French manicure. I have done it to pulse, but if you have a little bad pulse you can use some guides, or if you do not have fugues, insulating tape ...
And last but not least, we make black dots. We can help ourselves with a stick, a fine pencil or for example the tip of a bic pen. I leave that to your imagination, I'm sure you'll find anything that will help you make points.
Do not forget to apply a layer of top coat to make your nails look pretty for longer.
How about this easy manicure ? Do you like the design of watermelon manicure ?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger