Easy baby neck manicure

Hello girls!
In this Autumn the baby neck is strengthened , this type of neck is very feminine and informal and one of its great advantages is that you can combine it in any way. And for you to go together today I bring you a easy manicure that we can all do at home in the form of a baby neck.

To make this manicure step by step we will only need:

- Nail base to protect them.
- French manicure strips
- Black enamel
- White enamel
- Top coat for protect the manicure.

To make this design of easy nails we put the strips of the French manicure as you see in the image:

We painted the front of the nail enamel black color to where we have the sticker. If you do not have this type of stickers you can use zeal-fiso or as you say where you live!
We paint a circle on one side of the nail white, and make it thick to make it look better.
Then we repeat making another circle towards the other side of the nail, with the same color enamel.
And finally we draw 2 dots as if they were the baby neck buttons:
As you can see there is a very elegant manicure with a very original design, I recommend you to make it sure that you look great.
What does this manicure look like? Baby neck? Do you like easy manicures ?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger