Dream mat mousse and Lotion for before hair removal

Hello girls!
Today I want to tell you about several products of feminine cosmetics that I bought in Mercadona I usually have enough cosmetic deliplus products because it is very affordable and they are very easy to get cosmetics.
The first of these is the DreamMat Mousse. It is a very soft easy makeup that allows an easy application and a perfect control of the makeup, its patented formula transforms dust into the skin.
The makeup base Dream MatMousse is spread with the fingers in small quantities, with enough quadrotoques: on the forehead, on the cheekbones, on the chin and in the nose.
This makeup base is very good for me, it has a texture that I love, and since I am very white, I have finally found one that suits me, I use the natural 30 in Winter that I vagenial and in summer I'm a little brunette (rather little) the 40 beigedorado.
But they have 4 tones, surely some of them lend very well to your face.
Your price is € 6.95, you can buy it inMercadona and it lasts a long time, it depends on what I wear to make me sleep for two or three months.
Another product that I want to talk about is the Lotion before the depilation of the brand deliplus , its price is 2.95 € and you can only find it in mercadona.
As you can see is a coniferous spray liquid that reduces the pain of hair removal (Or so the brand says, then the reality is another story), apply it 10 minutes before starting to wax and ready. I personally did not like anything, it's as if I had not put anything.
I feel the same pain as when I do not get anything to shave, not that it hurts me a lot, over the years it seems that I have become accustomed.
In short, this cosmetic brand deliplus for me has been a great disappointment. I also had in mind to try a similar one that is in the same range that says it slows the growth of the beautiful, which if it really works, I'd love, but since I've had such bad feelings with this one, I think the other one better saves it.
And have you tried the Dream Mat Mousse or the lotion before the depilation? What do you think of the deliplus cosmetics ?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger.