Cheap phone cases (Ebay)

¡Holachicas !!!
Today I want to show you my latest low cost shopping from cheap mobile phone cases I have been buying by ebay, the truth is that the first time I bought one I was a little silly, I bought it in a mobile store and of course they took me 10 euros and above I could not be more bad.
But I started to have some of you buy them by ebay so I went there to buy cheap mobile phone cases for ebay and these are the ones I bought, although I still you have to get 2 more.
Leather pink case for Motorola Motoluxe for 3.50 €
This one is also for Motorola motoluxe I fell in love with it when I saw it its price is € 3.90.
The 2 cases I bought from this seller, sent it and everything was very fast !!
And this other case, I also ordered it on ebay, I asked a friend for the Orange Monte Carlo, I brought 2 plastics for the screen but in the photo you only see one, its price is € 3.75. The seller of this is
And you change a lot of case for the mobile? Do you buy cheap cases on ebay? Have a good start to the week.
Author: Melyssa PG, blogger of beauty and cosmetics.